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Bacalar Day 5

Saturday, March 12, 2022

First thing this morning I went down to the waterfront. I’m always up early so instead of working right away I decided to take a walk. I went down to one of the only public peers and took in the beauty of dawn. There were a few others seated at the end of the pier. After about 5 minutes a crocodile suddenly appeared in the lake only a few yards away. It wasn’t visible for long, dropping back under the surface and disappearing. I couldn’t believe I spent the last 2 days in the same water. I think today I’ll stay on land.


I walked a bit more, unsuccessfully stopping for breakfast. I’ve noticed things are quite relaxed here. Restaurants that are typically open on certain days and hours can be sporadically closed with no explanation or forewarning. I dislike it as a customer but appreciate it as a worker. The owners truly seem to own the business, not the other way around.

I had lunch at Mr. Taco, a place I’ve been wanting to try since I got here. I like the simplicity of a taco, not to mention the prices. The most popular menu item was the ceviche tostadas so I got three. They were in fact delicious. Shredded shrimp with pico de gallo and avocado on a fresh tostada. Delicioso. Later I stopped out for some bananas and ice cream. Later yet I had freshly sliced mango from a roadside stand manned by a young boy. I had passed him once, him not noticing me as he watched videos on his phone. After my choice for dinner was again unexpectedly closed, I went back to the boy and asked for uno mango. He sliced up two and put them in a cup. He beamed when I gave him a 10 peso tip, which is what I give everyone. I was happy to give him business.

On my way up to the main square, I saw a turkey in the street. Lots of unexpected wildlife today!

Gobble gobble

Shortly after that I went up to the main square and bought a marquesita. I’m not sure if it was four pesos or 40 pesos, but he gave me a lot of change back. A storm started to roll in so I quickly got some water and made it back before the rain fell. This marks the first day it has rained since I’ve been in Mexico.

Tomorrow I head off to Mahahual. It’s about an hour away and it’s on the ocean. I only know to get there by colectivo, but I don’t know much about taking colectivos. There isn’t a schedule published. It sounds like I’ll just head up to the colectivo station and wait until a van for Mahahual leaves. Good luck to me.

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