About MissFinFree


I navigated most of my life with one piece of financial advice instilled by my parents. Money goes in the bank, not out. Aside from that wise advice, I was no smarter than anyone else. Investing, retirement planning, mortgages, etc were all foreign concepts that I didn’t understand.

Before I knew it I was following life’s ephemeral checklist: college, job, house, MBA, climbing the corporate ladder. Although I checked all the boxes at a feverish pace, I only felt happy when I could escape it all and travel. It finally hit me that I was charging after all the wrong goals. I needed to stop working harder and start working smarter.

Bet that sounds familiar. Life is so structured through high school and college that we don’t know what to do when we reach the free fall that comes afterward. So we find a new form of structure in what society says to do. And society says spend your way to happiness. Buy the shiny new car and the big house or swanky condo. Have $10 mimosas and $25 brunches. Hate your job but work there anyways because then you can buy things to make you happy.

We pretend this is freedom because we don’t exercise restraint. But this is a false narrative. We’re chained to our jobs to make this all work.

It took me years to finally realize the life marketing and advertising executives peddled was not the path to happiness. For me, happiness meant I had the freedom to spend my time how I wanted. It meant no longer working a job that consumed my time and energy in exchange for money. In essence, I wanted to buy my freedom.

After consuming all kinds of financial wisdom from those who’ve come before me, I was able to achieve financial freedom and leave my corporate job of 11 years. During that time I paid off my mortgage, invested in index funds, saved for retirement, and avoided major debt that swallows entire salaries. I also traveled to 10 countries and 36 states. Now in my early 30s I am financially independent, living life to its fullest.

My story is not unique. People everywhere are following some ephemeral checklist that promises happiness only to find themselves mired in a constant search for “enough.” After earning my freedom, I created this site in hopes of helping others increase their quality of life through financial freedom. Freedom to relinquish the control money has over their life. Freedom to find true happiness beyond the empty promises of consumerism.

We only get one life. Let’s make the most of it.