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Merida Day 8

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Well, I have had an eventful 12 hours. Last night my toilet stopped filling with water so I couldn’t flush. No big deal. I could wait to flush it until morning when Maurizio, my host, would be here to take a look at it. What I didn’t anticipate was waking up at 5 a.m. with an upset stomach 🤢

Suffice it to say things happened that have never happened to me before 😮

No sooner than the sickness arrived, it was gone. If that’s the worst food poisoning/sickness I experience while I’m here, I’ll take it.

I worked for a couple of hours after that, trying my best to retain my concentration but still in disbelief of everything that had just occurred. I’m trying to get as many work hours in as possible because Deb rolls into town around 2:00 and I’m meeting up with Emily and James later today. The next week will be much more occupied than my previous week, and I’m looking forward to it!

Beetle Mania

Much to my surprise, there are original Volkswagon Beetles all over town. Some are in great condition, nicely redone and beautifully painted. Others are missing both fenders and have the molding stripped from the inside. I enjoy seeing them, I think, because they are so unexpected. Here are a few that I’ve captured:


I met up with Emily, James and their crew – Lauren, Cody, Jess, and Justin. We met at the Grand Plaza and walked up to El Apapocho for lunch. It was really nice meeting everyone. Sometimes I’m awestruck by how small the FI community seems to be. Everyone seems to know everyone else, but most importantly, everyone is incredibly kind and welcoming. We had a nice lunch then I headed back to meet up with Deb. She and I caught up in the courtyard then headed where else but El Apapocho. Not a lot is open for dinner. The prime time to eat is lunch. We walked part of the Paseo de Monteo before retiring back to our rooms. I’m starting to itch to do some things outside of Merida like going to a few cenotes, or the ruins of Uxmal. Soon!

Somehow I didn’t get any photos with anyone today 🙁

Daily Expenses

Amounts in Mexican Pesos

Total Spend$207 (~$10 USD)
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