Drop the Divorce Stigma

I recently saw an image that said “Marriages don’t last like they used to back in the day”. Someone issued a rebuttal saying “It wasn’t until 1975 that women could open a bank account in their own name." The rebuttal makes the point that it would have been very difficult for women to live without a man due to the laws that discriminated against them. In addition to bank accounts and credit cards, women were not allowed to get a mortgage or a business loan. They were also snubbed from full-time employment positions. Many employers saw working women as threatening a man’s ability to provide for his family. Given this…

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2020 Lessons: Finding Hope through Community

We finally closed the crazy year that was 2020. No doubt it will be one of the most memorable years in our lifetime even if it's memorable for being extraordinarily dull. Though it was different from years past, 2020 held many bright spots for me, none more valuable than finding hope through community. Before the pandemic set in, I traveled abundantly. I spent most of winter in sunny Fort Lauderdale, waving to friends on a beach webcam. I also got to ski in Big Sky, Montana, tour the Nike Missile Base in Everglades National Park, and eat cheese at Cady's Cheese Factory in western Wisconsin. 2020 travels After COVID came,…

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How to Deal with Financial Anxiety

We certainly are in interesting times. Although we’ve lived through other shocking world events and economic downturns, Coronavirus brought it to a new level. We've never before experienced such a widespread reversal of our routine lives. Understandably, many are feeling anxious. The good news is there are a few things we can do during this time to curb our financial anxiety. Review this list of 5 ways to deal with financial anxiety and your money stress will begin to fade. Talk About It While we’ve culturally dismissed talking about money as taboo, there is a lot to be gained by learning how to open up about this topic. Every single…

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Mind Over Money: The Key to Achieving Wealth

"Mind over money: the key to achieving wealth." I know how cheesy that sounds. I should print posters to hang in guidance counselor offices. Regardless of how cheesy it sounds there is more truth in that statement than not. The key to achieving wealth is about the mental toughness it takes to make it happen. Finances are black and white. Math is either right or wrong. Yet, we struggle to make good financial decisions. This is because we haven't fully subscribed to what it means to be wealthy. Achieving wealth is about lifestyle more than it is about money. Money is just a tool to achieve the lifestyle we want.…

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Getting Control of Your Finances

Icon vector created by rawpixel.com - www.freepik.com Many people wonder how to get started on their journey to financial freedom. If you're here you have already considered budgeting, have probably tried it a few times, and are stuck on how to make it work for you. Unlike most money management advice, this is not a detailed analysis of your spending habits, nor encouragement to change them. So how do you start your financial freedom journey without budgeting? You start tracking all of your income and expenses. Understanding how much money comes in and goes out is the cornerstone to getting control of your finances. Say you make $70,000 a year.…

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