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Isla Mujeres Day 3

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Woke up feeling pretty good today. Sunshine crested over the ocean out of my window. And the internet still works. After putting in a half day’s work, I thought about what to do with my last day in Mexico. I decided to go back up to Playa Norte, anticipating a stop at the bank along the way. My host, Lorenzo, was in the courtyard with someone performing maintenance. I noticed now that all four of the bikes had baskets mounted on them instead of just the two smaller bikes from yesterday. I grabbed the same bike I had the day before and started riding north. After my second speed bump, the basket fell off, grinding against the pavement right in front of my tire. Turned out it was never attached to the handlebars, only the axle. Eventually, I attached it to the handlebars with one of my spare masks. Now I had a hoopty bike.

Riding up to Playa Norte

After pulling 500 pesos from the ATM, I headed to a taco stand for lunch. When I attempted to chain up my bike the lock failed to open with the key. Eventually, I gave up and just set it next to a pole. 250 pesos later I went up to the beach. Again I rested my bike next to another bike that was chained to a pole. We’ll see if it’s still there in a couple of hours.

Playa Norte

The beach had a very different vibe today. Lots of spring breakers who took catamarans from Cancun took over the beach. I don’t remember ever being that obnoxious or loud but I’m probably just forgetting. I decided today would be the day to get in the water. It was much windier today. As the waves crested they sprayed water in my face over the top. The water felt good though. Very refreshing from the intense sun. I made the most of my beach day before I decided to stop trying to force it and went back to my island respite.

Playa Norte

Traffic today involved riding my one speeder against the wind with sand blowing in my face. Not the best commute but I’ve had worse. I picked up a couple of Dos Equis and some snacks and spent the waning hours of the day watching darkness overtake the sky. Life is good.

Daily Expenses

Amounts in Mexican Pesos

Total Spend$2643 (~$132 USD)
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