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Bacalar Day 2

Wednesday March 9, 2022

Nina invited me to join her and a friend for a trip out to Los Rapidos, a river that feeds the lake. I turned her down before even looking at it because I had just stepped out for breakfast and had lots of catching up to do from spending much of my time with others the past week. After looking up Los Rapidos I was disappointed to have missed it. Save that for another time.

After grabbing a smoothie for breakfast, I walked around to get a glimpse of the lagoon. It’s aptly named the Lagoon of 7 Colors because it supposedly has 7 different shades of blue. You can probably see about 77 different shades of blue. It doesn’t look like any lake I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. And it certainly doesn’t look like Grand Lake!

Lagoon of 7 Colors

I caught up with Amy first thing in the morning. It was so good to share what’s going on with someone who can understand Mexico as well as this free-flowing stage of life. Then I caught up on a bunch of these blog posts and put a couple of hours of work in. Later Nina and I walked 2 km across town to pick up our laundry. I’m so glad we went there instead of the places close by that all had poor reviews. My laundry is perfectly clean and folded. I could really use a service like that back home. It wasn’t exactly a glamorous day here in beautiful Bacalar but all of those things were weighing on my mind and it felt good to address them.



I met up with Nina and her friend from the hostel, Ariana (Swiss) for dinner at Mangos y Chili, a vegan restaurant. We all greatly enjoyed our vegan burgers. The view from Mangos y Chili is excellent. The back deck overlooks the lake with its brilliant blue waters. It seems difficult to get stressed about much of anything here in Bacalar. What a place to be.

The view from Mangos y Chili

Nina and Ariana both are leaving town tomorrow, both heading to different places. I love that everyone I meet is on their own personal journey and not afraid to go live their own lives. Incredibly refreshing. They both shared stories of their recent travels, Nina primarily in Mexico and Ariana primarily in Colombia and Guatemala. We commented how incredibly respectful the men are here in Mexico. Never a word, tone or look that suggests the most basic level of disrespect. Nina says this is common in Germany as well, but she felt very unsafe on her trip to the US. Ariana has no interest in visiting the US.

Nina and I are flying out of Cancun around the same date, so we’ll stay in touch if we happen to be in the same areas. But for now, it’s well wishes and good night.

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