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Railay Beach, Thailand – Day 4

February 4, 2023

Got up late today. Eventually decided to go out for breakfast and decided to order lunch. I went to a place called Local Thai Food and ordered the green curry. Delicious!

Armin, who I had met in Khao Sok, was in Ao Nang. He took a long boat over to Railay Beach for the day. We hiked a short trail to a viewpoint of Railay West Beach. Many rock climbers were climbing the cliffs. Along the way we got a little lost and I suggested which way to go. Armin said in Germany they have a saying, “never speak against a woman.” I’m a fan.

Armin broke his flip flop during the hike, but what did I find sitting on the beach a few minutes later? A single, left footed, men’s flip flop. Problem solved.

I picked up my laundry, then we went over to my favorite spot, Phra Nang Beach. I showed him all the cool spots, then swam and laid out. It was clear Armin and I had different intentions, so I left and booked my transportation to Koh Lanta for Monday. Now I only need to sort out where I’m staying.

I debated forgoing Koh Lanta and extending my stay in Railay Beach. But I ultimately decided it’s best for me to move on and see something new. Railay Beach is the first exposure I’ve had to the exotic Thai coastline, so I’m curious what I’ll find elsewhere.

Around 6 I went out to watch the sunset with a couple hundred people. No clouds in the sky today. Beautiful and peaceful.

I stopped in the Local Thai Food restaurant and had the green curry for the second time today. So good! I need to try to make this when I get back home.

Tonight I followed my typical routine and went back to my room. I caught up with Theresa and David, salvaging and otherwise so so day. I wished I got to spend the day with Thomas instead, but I haven’t seen him since yesterday’s lunch. He’s married but he’s good company. I think tomorrow I will just do my own thing since it will be my last day in this amazing place.

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