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Merida Day 6

February 23 I arrived in Mexico for a one month stay in Merida. The goal of this trip is to further grow an abundant mindset and live out the life that I want. Many have asked me to keep them apprised along the way and this is the best way to do it. These are the Merida Chronicles capturing each of my days in Mexico, and the total expense of the trip.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Up at 6. Laid around for a bit then went to the outdoor table and worked for a few hours. I met a Belgian couple that just arrived. They were at the end of two months in Mexico and spoke fondly about Oaxaca, Guadalajara, and Nexpa. They loved it in comparison to the Yucatan, however, internet and cell coverage are nearly nonexistent in those areas.


I went to Taqueria la Lupita for lunch and had some tacos. Delicious and cheap! I tried the cochinita pibil, lechon al horno and relleno negro. The cochinita pibil was the best by far! Can’t wait to eat more of these! Total bill was 60 pesos or $3 for 3 tacos and a bottle of water. I am certain I will return many more times. After lunch, I stopped by a produce market and I picked up some bananas, mini bananas and a mango. A man from LA helped me pick out my produce and converse with the cashier. 26 pesos.

Park Thoughts

I had considered going to the beach today but have decided against it. It will only be 78F at the beach with a pretty good breeze, and it is already past lunch. Instead, I decided to spend my afternoon on a park bench on the Paseo de Montejo. This is one of the areas where I sit in the shade recounting my travels, considering what’s next. I have a lot of thoughts right now. I’m thinking about cutting my trip in Merida short by 2 weeks and potentially traveling to Tulum, Holbox, or somewhere else. The internet seems to be very spotty in Holbox, which is a concern. Even if I stay in Merida I would prefer to say at a different accommodation. One that has a nicer bed and better outdoor working space.

The start of the Paseo de Montejo

I’m also thinking about my 3 sources of income. How I might be able to automate pieces of my contract job. My boss asked if we could have a meeting this week and I am curious what she has in mind. I am also thinking about my rental situation. It is going quite well right now although my tenant has only been there for 3 or 4 days so far. But I’ve gotten more inquiries than I expected and I’m very happy about that. My bag sales are going great. I’ll net a healthy profit this year. All of these options give me quite a healthy budget for traveling.


Right now I’m simply in awe of the life I’ve managed to create. It’s unbelievably good. I honestly never expected to have it this good. I have complete freedom and autonomy over my time. I can work when I want, as much or as little as I want. Aside from a few days a month packaging bags, I can work wherever I want. What more could a person ask for? The optimism over my future is more than I can put into words. I am saturated with gratitude.

I am grateful for my friends who helped push and support me down these paths. My mastermind members kept me accountable towards my goals and questioned me when I was taking actions that didn’t align with my goals. For Amy who reviewed my financial position and encouraged me to take the leap and stop living with a scarcity mindset. For Josh who is keeping things running smoothly at home. For John who has given great advice over where to go and what to eat here in the Yucatan.

Tiny Coke

It is around this time of day that I usually get a Coke. I never drink pop at home but for some reason, it tastes extra special and refreshing here. And they have these tiny bottles that are perfect for me. The last one that I bought was 8 pesos (40 cents).

Tiny Coke


I worked a little more before heading out for dinner. I was headed to Flamante Burgers but they were unexpectedly closed so I went to nearby La Negrita Cantina instead. This was my first step inside a traditional Mexican bar. It was a lively place. A large back patio with eclectic scenery, a large tree, and open air created a great atmosphere to enjoy the live band. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and a couple of cervezas before turning in. Upon getting back to my Airbnb I chatted with the Belgian couple who succeeded in getting locally made hammocks to bring back home.

Today was a little cooler than the days prior. We only hit 29C (84F). It was much nicer to walk around midday without having to retreat indoors. I also think it was the first day I didn’t immediately turn the AC on turbo and shed all my clothes the second I made it back to my Airbnb 🙂 All in all a great day.

Daily Expenses

Amounts in Mexican Pesos

Total Spend$286 (~$14 USD)
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