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Merida Day 13 – Last Day!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Deb and I had a good day running a few errands for our last day here in Merida. We grabbed a couple of bananas at the market before heading down to buy our bus tickets and schedule Deb’s covid test. A few of the souvenir shops were closed so we walked up to El barrio for brunch. Lunch did not disappoint.

After that, we joined our mastermind call then headed back out on the souvenir trail where Deb picked up some trinkets for her girls and I found myself a coaster. Then we stopped for gelato where I got roasted corn, chocolate and achiote gelato. I just had to try a savory style ice cream and I’m glad I did. I’ve never seen a corn flavored ice cream anywhere, but that sums up my experience in Merida pretty well. They love corn!

Dinner & Mezcal

Dinner was in a beautiful courtyard at Museo de la Gastronimia Yucateca with Jess and her Czech boyfriend, Michal. We enjoyed many dishes we’ve had in the last week, ordering too much but not wanting to miss anything. After dinner, we went to try some mezcal since Deb and I hadn’t yet had any. Mezcal is a smoky form of tequila made from blue agave plants. We each tried a different kind though I thought they were all gross. The mezcal was also served with a plate of chapulines (grasshoppers!), salty seasoning, and orange wedges. The grasshoppers didn’t taste as bad as they sound, mostly because they didn’t taste like much of anything. Suffice it to say the orange slices were my favorite.


James, Emily and crew were at La Negrita cantina so we met up since it was our last night in town. There were a few more people in their party than the last time we saw them. We hung out for an hour and said our goodbyes before retiring for the night. I’m still in awe of the unlikeliness of all of us being in this place I had never heard of until 2 months ago. I also feel so grateful that I met the FI community. Everyone shares common values and ideals, which makes it easy to connect with every person I’ve met.

Tomorrow I catch the bus to Bacalar! So long, Merida!

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