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Koh Lanta, Thailand – Day 1

February 6, 2023

Sadly I leave Railay Beach today, but I’m optimistic about Koh Lanta. I ate a big breakfast, packed, and published a few posts. While adding posts about Railay Beach, a party of dusky langurs took over the hotel courtyard. They are much wilder than the other monkeys I had seen. 

The langurs threw themselves from tree to tree, chasing each other across the balcony cover which caused quite a raucous. Leaves and branches continuously fell as they wreaked havoc on the trees. They ate whatever berries/nuts grew at the top of the palm trees, the shells constantly raining down to the ground. I had a hard time getting a decent picture or video because they were directly above me at the top of the palm trees and moving fast. Last little adventure here at Railay 🙂

Dusky langur – looks like a stuffed animal

I checked out of my room and waited for them to take a look at it before I was allowed to leave. Then I walked a few more feet to the pier, en route to Koh Lanta.

We walked to the end of the pier where a yacht was docked. Surely we weren’t taking a yacht to Koh Lanta. A minute later reality set in as the yacht pulled away and a ferry took its place. Maybe I won’t have to take a long boat or a transfer today. 

Transportation details are light. I just pay the money (550 baht), put on the sticker they give me, and go where the Thai’s direct me.

While on the ferry, we passed the Phi Phi islands. It reminded me I should book Thursday’s transportation from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi to Koh Yao Noi. I booked it in two legs so that I can spend 5 hours exploring the Phi phi islands. They are probably the most touristy islands in Thailand, so I think a 5 hour stopover will be perfect.

I book all transportation except scooter rentals and flights through when I speak with others, they use the site for all their travel as well. Very convenient to use one site instead of having to check each agency’s website for the right schedule and price. Total price for these two speedboats is about 2000 baht ($60).

Goodbye, Railay Beach

On the way we passed Ko Pu and Koh Jum. I don’t know why one has an “h” and the other doesn’t. Koh means island in Thai.

They look nice from a distance, their bright beaches shining from afar. I’m curious what makes one island a heavy tourist destination and another just an island. I feel like they’re probably all beautiful.

Our ferry really leans to the left…

Definitely not a yacht

I was among the first off the ferry. I immediately turned towards Seahorse hostel where Jess endorsed their scooter rentals. Unfortunately they only had one scooter left and it has manual transmission. I’m not great with automatic, so that’s definitely a no go.

I walked a little further to one I had found on Google Maps. I got there just before another couple and claimed their last scooter. 200 baht/day.

Left turn onto the main road, and away I went in search for Raven Blue Resort. The location is incorrect in Google Maps, so I asked two nearby properties who got me there. Resort is a strong word but I think it’ll work for four days. The owner warned me on Tuesdays there is a beach party and it’s very loud until about 2am. Swell.

I dropped my stuff, showered, then walked the beach. It’s nothing like Railay Beach here. No big rock formations, just a wide, long beach. After walking the whole beach, I picked up a fresh coconut then went to dinner.

I walked down the main drag to Family Restaurant and Bar. The man here is very friendly. He encouraged their special: white snapper garlic and pepper with rice. 200 baht. Sold. Very peppery.

I walked out to the beach to watch sunset. The beach is so long here it’s a more expansive experience. Afterwards I wanted to grab a drink somewhere. After scoping out a few places, I stopped into the Blanco hostel next door to my resort. I met Joe (NY), Olivia (Ireland), and Jack (Ireland). They were all very friendly youngsters who made for a nice nightcap. We will likely see each other tomorrow at the beach party.

When I walked in the door to my room, something feel to the floor right in front my of. A lizard scurried to hide behind the fridge. Apparently it was hanging out on the ceiling and felt it’s best path to safety was to drop to the floor and make a run for it. I didn’t have too much of a reaction. I’m starting to get used to all the wild creatures around here.

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