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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Day 2

January 18, 2023

Slept in a little today. What a difference when there aren’t roosters crowing and the room has darkening shades.

Showered and ate breakfast. The breakfast here still amazes me. This hotel costs only $40/night yet offers me a breakfast fit for a queen, and all the water I can drink. (Yes, I get excited about unlimited water.) Upon heading out for the day, I asked if they could recommend a laundry service. They took all my dirty laundry off my hands, agreeing to return it same day for 60 baht. Laundry service is my favorite!

chiang mai breakfast

I went out to walk the town today. First up was the Warorot market across town. This market is huge. Part of it is outdoor in the alleys, and part of it is inside a 3 story building. It’s a maze that I quickly got lost in. Although I mostly saw food and clothing for sale, I imagine you could find anything in here.

warorot market
Warorot Market

After working my way through the maze (go towards the sunlight), I walked outside the boundaries of the old city. Chiang Mai clearly used to be built to withstand attacks as the old city was walled off (now only pieces of the walls exist as city gates) and there is a moat around the entire old city. I didn’t find anything of interest outside the moat, so I ventured back into the old city.

chiang mai moat
Chiang Mai moat

Effectively hot and tired, I rested at Mountain Coffee over an iced chocolate and nut bread snack. At this time I booked Khao Sok National Park accommodations for the week after Koh Phangan. I am excited! So many great adventures in one trip. A bit later I found a boutique that had some appealing clothes. I bought a floral patterned romper that I hope will fit me. Now I just need an appropriate bra to be able to wear it.

I went back to the hotel to sort out a few important payments. My property taxes are due, but the site doesn’t work in Thailand. I also can’t sign into my checking account because I’m in Thailand. And I can’t pay my doctor’s bill either. Some security measures are still quite primitive.

Dejected from unsuccessful to dos, I went out to find a bra that works with my romper. After an hour in a lingerie store the size of a large shoe store, I comically couldn’t find any that were big enough for me. This has never been a problem in my life 🤣

On my way home, I stopped for dinner at It’s Good Kitchen, a touristy restaurant close to my hotel. It was in fact good.

When I got back to my hotel I called 5/3 to sort out my online banking access. And I exchanged emails with Clermont Country over my taxes. Then I worked on Lynn’s site for a bit and replied to a few messages.

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